ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION

                                                                         Article I
  A.   The name of this corporation is Wind Wizards Landsailing  Club, Inc. The filing of these articles hereby incorporates  the unincorporated  association, Wind Wizards Landsailing  Club.
                                                                         Article II
  A.   This Corporation is a nonprofit MUTUAL BENEFIT  CORPORATION organized  under the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit  Corporation Law. The purpose of this  corporation is to  engage in any lawful act or activity, other than  credit  union business, for which a corporation may be organized  under  such law.   Consequently, this organization does not  contemplate  pecuniary gain or profit to its members and is  organized for nonprofit  purposes.   
  B.        The specific purpose of this corporation is  to  promote, develop and participate in landyacht sailing,  racing,  design, construction, and club organization on a  local, regional,  national and international scale through  the application of club  resources, positive relationships,  good conduct, education and outreach  events subject to the  limitations of California Revenue and Taxation  Code Section  23701(g), and Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(7).     
                                                                          Article III
  A.       The name and address in the State of California of  this corporation's initial agent for service of process is

  Name:               Lisa Robertson                            Address :     5210 Beachcomber Way
       City :                 Oxnard                State:           California                   Zip:   93035

                                                                          Article IV
  A.        Notwithstanding any of the above statements of  purposes and powers,  this corporation shall not, except to  an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or  exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of  the  specific purposes of this corporation.
B.       If this organization holds any event(s) to which the  general public is invited to observe or participate in for a  fee, the income from the general public, less a  proportional  share of the expenses which will not benefit members,  will  be paid over to an organization, which is exempt from income  tax  under IRC Section 501(c)(3), on an annual basis.â€
C. Upon the  dissolution of Wind Wizards Landsailing Club,  Inc. all assets shall be  distributed to another qualified  23701(g) or 501(c)(7) corporation with  the same or similar  purpose, or to one or more charitable organizations  so  qualified under IRC 501(c)(3).

________________________________________       Date:    _____________
              Incorporator :   Lisa Robertson, President
              Wind Wizards Landsailing Club       

Pursuant to Section 7121 of the California Corporations  Code, we, the  undersigned officers of the Wind Wizards  Landsailing Club, do hereby  verify that the creation and  filing of these articles of incorporation  has been duly  approved by its members in accordance with its rules  and  procedures.

________________________________________       Date:    _____________
              Joy Ast, Secretary
              Wind Wizards Landsailing Club       

________________________________________       Date:    _____________
              Lisa Robertson, Treasurer
              Wind Wizards Landsailing Club       

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